Here is how to find the best and cheapest online printing service

Here is how to find the best and cheapest online printing service

Everyone wants to buy cheap online printing. A large majority of companies seek the lowest price without considering the value. The question is which is more important price or value? Many online printing services offer high prices with deep discounts so it seems you get the cheapest price. They remove the value added services most want and add additional charges for upgrades such as heavier paper stocks watery rugs or UV coatings and conclude that other online printing services include free of charge. Some companies do not even include these services. They have the cheapest prices because they have older pressures that can not apply coatings.

It differs from what a cheap web hosting company and an expensive print company offer. This article helps to mystify the myth of what is print management and how it saves time and money for an organization.

Do not be fooled by the lowest price. Be sure to look for what you get for your hard earned money. Some online printing services include UV or matte dull coating on all card types they print. They offer free print on the back of business cards and some postcards as well as free upgrades on 14Pt Card Storage to heavier 16Pt Card Storage.

These free services add value to your advertising sales marketing and branding security without raising the price. The service that offers better value is not always on Google's first page so they can be a bit more difficult to find. You rarely find gems on the top of the pile but they are out there if you spend some time looking for them.

To make sure you get the biggest value for money here are some other features to look for what most businesses want for their high quality business cards or postcards.

The weight is very important because the card feels and a quality assessment is done immediately before the card is seen. My advice is not to use anything less than 14Pt coated card stock. 16Pt is better but should not cost more. Pointy short loads of 12pt or less wear out quickly and bend easily.

UV or matt coating protects a card against scratches and scratches. It also looks and feels more professional. You do not want your cards to appear or feel printed on your office printer.

You should always receive a free proof of your approval before printing. You will be surprised at how many fonts and mistakes you will find when you have a chance of a second look. If an error was found in your file does the print service tell you what needs to be addressed? Will they charge you extra to process a new file?

If you want to upgrade the card do they offer UV coating silk laminated cards foil prints plastic cards lenticular cards or other types of cards that have a wow factor effect to attract attention?

Before selecting a cheap online printing service it is always best to check their customer service. If they offer free samples fill in the sample request online. See how fast they arrive. Are they following up to make sure you got them? Always ask questions. Is the person at the other end helpful or you are switched. How long do you spend on hold? How fast do you receive a redial?

Finding the cheapest online print can be important for some companies but a smart business is looking for the lowest price with the most value for a quality product. The answer to the question which is more important price or value is value. Be sure to look for the cheap online printing service. Plan ahead. Do not be in rush to choose the first printers on the first page without checking what they offer for the price. There is more to business cards and postcards than just ink on paper.

Fred Aronowitz is a color printing and marketing authority with over 40 years of experience as a color printing guru. Fred is the owner of Color Printing Pros. Color Printing Pros offers quality online management cheap wholesale prices exceptional value and professional customer care.

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