Lin.based printing saves the companys money

Lin.based printing saves the companys money

It seems that the technology of the past had a greater impact than today. About 199.2000 the bubbles companies such as Cisco Microsoft and Google showed tripl.quarter growth. The whole internet experience was as Thomas Edison invented electricity. Well not quite so but you get the score.

When I keep thinking about it I began to think of printers and copiers. As a profession I help companies save money from printing every day. Unfortunately I can not find too much technical improvements in the printer industry except that it will be faster and bigger.

I know someone who has been in the printing industry for over 25 years and shared with me some of the basic technology of the printer. Probably when the copier machines first went to a digital process it sold it for faster and better. When the copier started color printing it became easier to sell because companies did not have to print their color print jobs and it saved them a lot of money. Then doubl.sided printing or printing on doubl.sided paper was sold as companies save money on paper.

When I did my Google research I realized that all this happened during the bubble days. Well the true purpose of my research is to understand and prove a point that these technologies are not fully utilized. If companies can print doubl.sided why do I still see print jobs printed on 1 page of the paper only? Why do we print paint when we do not need? Like printing map description from the internet. I can continue but for this subject I just want to share with you that there are new technologies that can help companies save more money and I call it rul.based printing.

Cost Print Routing. Budget your printers to a certain amount you can save significantly. For example if there is a printer that is more convenient to print but it costs $ 0.03 more than going to another device with rules for cost printing routines companies can save a lot.

Compulsory doubl.sided printing. Its a no brainer to print duplex whenever you can. If you change a document into a document you reduce your paper costs by half. With forced duplex printing you can set policies to enforce it.

Force Monochrome Printing. It costs about 9 times more to print a color job than it is to print a black and white job. Printing from the Internet is usually in color with many ads. If you consider that a large number of color printouts are from the Internet you can save a lot by implementing this rule.

Compulsory printing. In most cases companies can save the most money from printing by not printing. In busy environments you can find printed documents in the device that has been sitting all day and then put in the trash. Sometimes the documents need to be printed and need to be revised which will later be deleted. By forcing secure printing print jobs can be kept in a secure queue where the user can handle their queue on the device or web interface. This saves costs for printing and paper and does not have to worry about someone else catching your document by mistake.

Print policies are an integral part of the design implementation and ongoing support for all print infrastructure engagements. You may be able to find some savings by removing desktop desktops but your best solution might be to set a good set of print policies in your design.

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