Modern color printing techniques

Modern color printing techniques

The color printout is a concept used since ancient times. The methods currently used in the printing industry are according to todays era.

There are many procedures for reproducing color images on paper and for achieving it. A requirement for specific graphic processes and industrial equipment exists. Thinking in this direction reflects that printing means techniques that are suitable for printing presses with thousands or millions of impressions for publishing magazines and magazines brochures cards posters and similar mass market items. To achieve this different methods have been used today.

The different approaches can be specified as.

Four color process printing.

The method commonly used in industrial and commercial printing is the four color printing. Its basically used to print full color images such as photographs. Four colored inks are used that contain the three primary colors and black. These ink colors are cyan magenta and yellow shortened as CMYK.

These ink is semi transparent or translucent. When two such ink overlaps on the paper due to sequential pressures a primary color is perceived. To understand this we can consider an example. yellow minus overprinted with magenta minus green gives red. Where all three colors can overlap each other is perceived a shade that is very close to black.

The secondary or subtractive colors cyan magenta and yellow are considered primarily by the printing industry which also contains watercolors. The reason why the basic colors and colors used here are transparent. Two graphics techniques are needed to prepare images for full color printing. Pressure pressure step and color separation.

These steps enable the creation of pressure plates that can transfer color views to paper on printing presses based on lithography principles.

Six Color Process Printing.

Another emerging method of printing is six color printing. In addition to the four color printing method this method places orange and green in the CMYK list. However such alternative color systems are dependent on color separation semiconductor and lithography to produce printed images.

Spot Color Printing.

This printing technique uses only single color or multiple ink that are not the primary colors. This technique where only limited colors are used is called color ink. In general color schemes are specific formulations designed to print alone instead of mixing with other ink on the paper to produce different shades and shades.

The range of available color colors is similar to color and almost unlimited. The color variants available in this method are much more varied than those produced with four color process printing. The ink color varies from pastels to fluorescent centers to metallic shades.

Although there are many printing techniques modern methods contribute to quality color reproduction and better results. You need to get the right print options for best results depending on your business needs and budget.

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